Supporting the Implementation of NGSS through Research: Engineering

This resource is a brief that brings to light the challenges and opportunities that K–12 teachers, school leaders, policymakers, and teacher educators have in ensuring that the NGSS for the representation of engineering is considered by understanding the entire document.

The authors emphasize that it is important to note that different aspects of engineering are represented in each of the three dimensions of the framework, and give details on what a successful engineering classroom should look like. Specific challenges and opportunities are thoughtfully described, with supporting recommendations for each.

Content Comments 

The document succinctly addresses key points for targeted audiences at all levels of the educational system, providing valuable information for a successful endeavor in the implementation of engineering practices in the classroom. The paper calls for all stakeholders to have clarity on what it means to have engineering as part of the NGSS, and on the relationship that exists between engineering design and science learning.