Teacher Performance Pay Programs and Necessary Communications Actions

Using teacher pay programs as an example, the authors of this journal article suggest and illustrate the value of a communications plan during the development and implementation of new programs. They recommend a three-pronged approach, including a communication strategy, communication action plan, and communications support. They provide specific examples and a communications plan template.

Content Comments 

The authors effectively state the purpose of their article: "communication strategy and actions by the local or state education agency are critical and often overlooked factors that can contribute to teacher pay plan success." Although their evidence does not link the actual success of any teacher performance pay program to an effectively implemented communications plan, the authors present a reasonable argument that education reforms without effective communications plans are unlikely to succeed. The language and design of the article are typical of most journal articles, and the communications plan example is only a partial one. Nevertheless, utility should be reasonably high for school districts or states implementing new reforms, including new standards and assessments. Evidence of effectiveness is not addressed, but a positive impact on learning is feasible based on the overall quality of the article.