Testing Action Plan: State and District Profiles

This website page summarizes actions that several states and school districts have taken in order to reduce their amounts of testing, thereby increasing instructional time. In general, those actions include a review of the numbers and estimated time to take tests in a specific state or district, followed most often by the elimination of specific tests. This specific page describes actions in Delaware, primarily the Brandywine (DE) School District.

The webpage also provides links to similar actions in Tulsa, Oklahoma plus the states of Louisiana, Illinois, and Tennessee. Note that the first two paragraphs of each web page are identical, while the ensuing paragraphs describe specific test reduction efforts in the specific states or school districts. Each page has links to other state or school districts resources, often to a specific test reduction plan.

Content Comments 

This webpage states its purpose in both its title and opening paragraphs. In general it meets those purposes; however, the page, and its links to similar pages covering other states, promotes the Department's own test reduction policies. It does not mention that federal legislation has been and will continue to be a large driver requiring large amounts of testing for virtually all students. Nevertheless, the page (or pages if you look at other links) provides a summary of actions taken by several states and school districts to reduce testing. The links to other resources, including several test reduction plans, should be of particular use to other states, districts, and schools. Communications quality is good, although the first two paragraphs on each website page are identical. Evidence of effectiveness is unknown, but there could be an impact on learning when considered with the links to other resources.