Tools to Assess Social and Emotional Learning in Schools

In this Edutopia article, Professor Susanne Denham highlights five assessments related to social and emotional learning (SEL). The selected assessments were chosen based on the author's criteria on effective assessment for educational settings. This article is adapted from the author's chapter, "Assessment of SEL in Educational Contexts," in the Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning. (For additional information about each tool and a framework for SEL skills development and assessment in educational settings, please refer to that chapter in the Handbook.)

Content Comments 

The five highlighted assessments included in this short article are nicely summarized with links to the assessments. The author provides basic information on who completes the assessment (e.g., teachers, parents, students), the number of items on the assessment, and factors of SEL assessed by the instrument (e.g., self-management, social awareness). Note that the author did not include information on availability of assessments, and all the assessments listed require purchasing. This article provides a good starting point for educators interested in SEL assessments.