What is STEAM?

This webpage introduces the concept of STEAM and how it differs from STEM. Along with other orienting information from its dropdown menu on “STEAM Basics,” including the page “How to STEAM,” this website provides teachers and administrators with practical information to integrate arts into cross-disciplinary areas of science, technology, and mathematics.

Content Comments 

The “How to STEAM” page provides a useful, five step process that gives educators a systematic way to think about implementing a STEAM program in their schools and classrooms. There are many resources - both free and paid content - found on this website, mostly filed under Lessons and the Blog. Users should be aware Education Closet has reorganized its main website (see Related Resources below) which carries the same content found in this resource entry; however, the contents of this page are difficult to find in the newly organized webpage. Both webpages and direct links are provided in this CSAI collection to allow for easier access to specific content.

This product included in the CSAI library was chosen based on its wide use, and its selection is not intended to convey any endorsement. Please use your own professional judgment in selecting, using, or purchasing this product.