What Works Best in Education: The Politics of Collaborative Expertise

From the introduction: "What we need... is a defensible and compelling narrative that leads to long-term, coherent and focused system-wide attention on student learning. I call this territory ‘the politics of collaborative expertise’. Its premise is that there is differential expertise across our schooling system and that there can be wide variation within schools. At the same time, there is a remarkable spread of expertise that can be identified, nurtured, esteemed and brought together to reduce this variance. The aim of this paper is to begin describing what a model of collaborative expertise would look like and what we need to get done to make it a reality."

Content Comments 

This resource provides an excellent roadmap for creating more consistent, high-quality instruction within and across schools through collaboration among teachers. The resource is of high quality due to its strong research base. The communication style is very accessible and makes a compelling argument that its suggested strategies would have a large positive impact on the progress of student learning if they were enacted. This resource can be valuable to education leaders seeking to make school-level changes.