Why Education Data?

This website provides a broad number of resources and tools to help policymakers and educators develop a successful data-use communications strategy. Spanning multiple topics, the resources cover the power of communications, using data to measure teacher effectiveness, and seizing important data-use communications opportunities such as back-to-school nights and state testing periods. According to the publishers: "DQC has crafted language and tools to help you better talk to peers, press, and the public about data and meeting education goals."

Content Comments 

This website describes its purposes clearly: to help policymakers and educators develop data-use communications methods leading to improved educational quality and learning. Users interested in promoting data use are likely to find at least a few helpful communications tools. Communications quality is good, although parts of the web site are strongly promotional and do not provide any caveats about improper data collection or use. Utility should be reasonably high for those interested in this topic. Several adaptable templates are provided that can be used to develop an effective data use communications strategy. Evidence of effectiveness is not provided, but the resources represent a reasonable, positive impact on learning.