Year 3 of Implementing the Common Core State Standards: Transitioning to CCSS-aligned Curriculum and Assessments for Students with Disabilities

This report by the Center on Education Policy (CEP) at The George Washington University describes the activities being undertaken by states to help districts, schools, and teachers prepare students with disabilities for the transition to CCSS-aligned curricula and assessments. 

Content Comments 

This report provides information on the findings of an annual survey of states conducted by the Center for Education Policy. Described within are states' transitions of students with disabilities to Common Core-aligned assessments. This resource is of good quality, as it clearly states its goals and provides dependable information. The communication is well-organized and the findings are easily accessible through use of bulleted lists, tables, and graphs. CEP's report is a useful resource for those experiencing this transition in their own states, as this report provides insight into other states' efforts in this area and common challenges those states have faced. This report could be useful to the field as more states work to provide assessments aligned to new standards for their students with disabilities.