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The Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI) reviews a variety of resources, ranging from guidance documents, research papers, and policy briefs to tools and websites aimed at supporting state and local education agency leadership in making decisions about their standards, assessment programs, and accountability systems. Reviewed resources are added monthly. 

Overview of School Funding (PowerPoint Presentation)

This presentation provides an overview of funding for school districts and how district funds are allocated for school resources. There is also brief discussion of funding variations among districts and schools and how these variations can be impacted by personnel hiring. 

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Date created: 04/18/2016 - 09:05

Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Organizational Protocols

In this document, the U.S. Department of Education lays out the purpose and decision-making processes for the negotiated rulemaking committee. Included in this document are the names of the negotiated rulemaking committee members and the roles and responsibilities for members. 

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Date created: 04/18/2016 - 08:40

Testing Action Plan: State and District Profiles

In this resource, the U.S. Department of Education identifies and describes states and districts that have implemented promising practices aligned with the Testing Action Plan's intent to improve testing systems.

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Date created: 04/15/2016 - 10:57

Obama Administration Takes Action to Ensure Fewer and Better Tests for Students (Press Release)

This U.S. Department of Education (USED) press release describes further information and resources to support the Testing Action Plan. This resource provides a series of case studies that include examples of how states and districts are working to ensure fewer, better, and fairer assessments. In...

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Date created: 04/15/2016 - 10:49

Scope of Issues to be Negotiated

In regards to the March 2016 negotiated rulemaking session, this document provides an overview of the topics that were to be discussed. In this session, the committee was tasked with discussing regulatory language regarding: supplemental assessments, computer-adaptive assessments, exceptions for...

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Date created: 04/11/2016 - 08:45

The Road Ahead for State Assessments: What the Assessment Consortia Built, Why it Matters, and Emerging Options

CSAI Co-Director, Andrew Latham, contributed the article "ESSA and the New Era of Local Control for Assessment and Accountability" in the final edition in a series on the six federally funded consortia. (See Related Resource section below for an earlier publication from the series.) In the article...

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Date created: 04/08/2016 - 15:26

How Much Testing Is Taking Place in North Carolina Schools at Grades K-12? An Analysis of Federal, State, and Local Required Assessments

This analysis of federal, state and locally required assessments provide insight into four research questions focused on: How many assessments are administered to students per year?, How much time do students spend in assessments per year?, What is the purpose of the assessments?, and, How can the...

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Date created: 04/01/2016 - 13:30

Testing Action Plan: State and District Profiles

This website page summarizes actions that several states and school districts have taken in order to reduce their amounts of testing, thereby increasing instructional time. In general, those actions include a review of the numbers and estimated time to take tests in a specific state or district,...

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Date created: 04/01/2016 - 13:10