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The Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI) reviews a variety of resources, ranging from guidance documents, research papers, and policy briefs to tools and websites aimed at supporting state and local education agency leadership in making decisions about their standards, assessment programs, and accountability systems. Reviewed resources are added monthly. 

Common Core State Standards Assessments: Challenges and Opportunities

Morgan Polikoff, an assistant professor of education at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education, examines the opportunities and challenges that educators face with assessments based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). There are potential benefits to the CCSS and...

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Date created: 10/10/2014 - 12:50

Using Teacher Evaluation Reform and Professional Development to Support Common Core Assessments

In this report, Peter Youngs, an associate professor of educational policy at Michigan State University, discusses the efforts to develop and implement Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and assessments and outlines how past attempts to enact standards-based reform have been impeded by limitations...

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Date created: 11/03/2014 - 09:55

Instructional Practice Guide

The Instructional Practice Guide is a webpage on the Achieve the Core website that provides tools for teachers and those who support teachers in making the Key Shifts in instructional practice required by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

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Date created: 11/03/2014 - 09:58

None of the Above: A New Approach to Testing and Assessment

This report by Educators 4 Excellence, a teacher-led organization that seeks to elevate the voices of teachers in policy discussions, presents recommendations for changes to the current systems of evaluating student performance in light of Common Core implementation. A group of 14 teachers worked...

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Date created: 11/04/2014 - 13:55

Testing Overload in America’s Schools

The goals of this study were to obtain a better understanding of how much time students spend taking tests and to identify the degree to which the tests are mandated by districts or states. The study focused on 14 urban and suburban districts in seven states during the 2013-14 school year....

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Date created: 11/04/2014 - 14:02

Does Better Observation Make Better Teachers?

This article examines a unique intervention in the Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) Excellence in Teaching Project (EITP) to uncover the causal impact on school performance of the Danielson Framework for Teaching, an evaluation system based on highly structured classroom observations of teacher...

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Date created: 12/05/2014 - 09:10

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Toolkit

The Student Learning Objective (SLO) Toolkit, developed by the Center for Assessment, is intended to help educators develop quality SLOs. The Toolkit consists of an introductory video, Powerpoint presentation, templates, examples, informational documents, and supporting materials.  One component of...

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Date created: 12/05/2014 - 09:20

Considerations for Analyzing Educators’ Contributions to Student Learning in Non-tested Subjects and Grades with a Focus on Student Learning Objectives

This paper from the Center for Assessment discusses the challenges of measuring student academic growth for purposes of teacher evaluations in non-tested subjects and grades, with a specific focus on measuring growth in a student learning objective (SLO) context. According to the authors, this...

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Date created: 12/05/2014 - 09:24