2015 CSAI Annual Conference: The Scores Are In, Now What?

CSAI held its annual conference on December 10–11, 2015 at WestEd's San Francisco office. During this one-and-a-half day conference, CSAI staff and attendees discussed states' needs regarding instruction, assessment, accountability, and communication following the 2014–15 assessments. Sessions focused on providing support for regional and content centers, and the states and regions they support, in the midst of policy and system changes.

To access session presentations, please click on the session title and download each PDF. Links to handouts can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Joan Herman

Coherent Assessment Systems Supporting College and Career Ready Success 

Joan Herman

This session shared a framework for standards-based systems of assessment, which states and local districts can use to reduce overtesting and promote college- and career-ready success attainment. 

Deborah Sigman

Making Sense of the New Summative Assessments 

Deb Sigman

This session discussed the impact of assessment results on state systems for communications, reporting, and accountability. 

Sujie Shin, Jessica Arnold, and Deb Sigman

Bridging the Gap Between Assessment and Improving Teaching and Learning 

Deb Sigman, Sujie Shin, and Jessica Arnold

This session shared tools and resources for building teacher capacity and knowledge around developing and scoring assessment performance tasks: Building Educator Assessment Literacy, Understanding Proficiency, and Assessment Design Toolkit


Nicolle Romero and Meghan Bell

Transforming Science Instruction and Assessment 

 Nicolle Romero and Meghan Bell

This discussion delved into the Next Generation Science Standards and provided an overview of the standards and their implications for states as they develop and evaluate science assessment options. For more information on the Science Assessment Item Collaborative, please visit the spotlight

Barbara Jones and Sandy Chang

Achieving College- and Career-Ready Success with Formative Assessment 

Barbara Jones and Sandy Chang

This session introduced new curriculum and instruction resources for creating and refining lessons to support CCRS success. 

Sandy Chang

Considerations for English Language Learners 

Sandy Chang

This session shared key practices and resources that teachers can use to help English learner students achieve college- and career-ready success in their classrooms. 


Sujie Shin and Mai Chou Vang

Understanding and Responding to the Department's Testing Action Plan and Peer Review

Sujie Shin and Mai Chou Vang

This session provided a brief overview of Peer Review Guidance and the ways content centers may be called on to support states as they prepare for submission beginning in January. The session also discussed the implications of the Testing Action Plan and shared resources and tools that can be shared with states. 

Carole Gallagher and Deborah Sigman

The State Perspective on Revising Testing Systems

Deb Sigman and Carole Gallagher

The presenters shared their experiences working directly with states on revising testing systems and discussed lessons learned from those experiences.