CSAI Webinar: Developing a Coherent Assessment System

In this webinar from September 16, 2015, CSAI's Joan Herman and Margaret Heritage were joined by Angela Landrum from the Colorado Department of Education to discuss the role a coherent assessment system can play in providing immediate data on how students are doing and critical information that can be used to support student achievement of college- and career-ready standards.

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Angela Landrum, Colorado Department of Education

Colorado Department of Education

Angela Landrum discussed the vision and purpose of assessment literacy in Colorado, described her process for working with CDE staff, and introduced Colorado's Standards-Based Assessment Framework.

Joan Herman, CSAI

The Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation

Why do we need coherent assessment systems, and what makes them coherent? Joan Herman reviewed the components of coherent assessment systems and discussed coherence in Colorado's Assessment Framework.

Margaret Heritage, CSAI

The Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation

Margaret Heritage described the purpose of Professional Learning Modules and their connections to other CDE work, drawing on examples from interim assessment, formative assessment, and framework modules.

Webinar Recording

Associated Materials


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