CSAI Webinar: Helping SEAs Communicate Effectively Around Shifts in Assessment Scores

Results from pilot/field tests and early implementers have shown significant drops in student scores across grade levels and subjects. During this June 25, 2015 webinar for the Regional Comprehensive Centers, CSAI discussed some of the reasons for these decreases and how the Comprehensive Center network could best support our state education agencies in effectively communicating these shifts.

The Center was joined by state leaders in two early implementation states, who shared their experiences and lessons learned in developing and implementing communication plans in their states.

Webinar Recording

This 85-minute video is a recording of the audio and PowerPoint presentation of the webinar on June 25, 2015.

Following the administration of its new Kindergarten Entry Assessments in 2014, Maryland's proficiency rates fell from around 80% into the 40% range. Assistant State Superintendent Grafwallner discussed the experiences of Maryland in the rollout of its new assessment and the types of communications and stakeholder engagement activities the state implemented, ultimately leading to a smooth transition even with significant score drops.

As one of the first states to administer new assessments based on the CCSS, Kentucky saw significant drops in proficiency across all grade levels. However, due to the strong communication plan implemented in advance of the release of scores, Kentucky is seen as an example of a successful public transition. Associate Commissioner Sims talked about their communication strategy and the key resources/stakeholders/decisions that led to the smooth transition.