Formative Assessment: State Resources

Used to support both teaching and learning, formative assessment is an integral component of a comprehensive assessment system. As opposed to summative assessment that evaluates students' mastery of learning goals, formative assessment is continuously used throughout students' learning process to help inform teachers' instruction. The Formative Assessment Bi-Regional Advisory Board is a consortium of seven states from the Central and South Central Comprehensive Centers that are committed to incorporating formative assessment as a part of their comprehensive assessment system. This Spotlight brings together formative assessment resources from each of these states, as well as quality resources from states outside the Formative Assessment Bi-Regional Advisory Board. Additional resources available on the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation website are also included. 


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State Formative Assessment Resources






  • The Leap 360 webpage highlights Louisiana's comprehensive assessment system, which includes a focus on formative assessment. PowerPoint presentations on kindergarten through grade 2 formative tasks can be found here: K-2 ELA Formative Tasks.
  • A Teacher's Guide to LEAP 360 provides an overview and guidance to the state's program which includes formative assessment.



  • The Find a Model Curriculum Unit website provides K-12 units and corresponding formative assessments for ELA, math, social studies, and other subjects.

New Mexico






CSAI Formative Assessment Resources

Information on Comprehensive Standards-Based Assessment Systems 

Comprehensive Standards-Based Assessment Systems Supporting Learning

This brief lays out a general framework for a comprehensive, learning-based assessment system and incorporates different, but closely coordinated, types of assessment to serve the distinct information needs of different stakeholders. 


CSAI Webinar: Developing a Coherent Assessment System

In this webinar, the role of a coherent assessment system in providing immediate data on how students are doing and critical information that can be used to support student achievement of college- and career-ready standards is discussed.

Collections and Spotlights

Curriculum and Instruction Resources

This Collection, drawn from leading theory and research about learning and formative assessment, can assist teachers and those who support teachers to plan teaching and learning of College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) for all students.


Formative Assessment Collection

This Collection provides resources that can be used to support professional learning about formative assessment and implementation of formative assessment at the state, district, and classroom levels.


Formative Assessment for Native American Language Instruction: A Series of Professional Learning Modules

In heritage language classrooms, it is important that instructors know where each student is on their language learning pathway and target language experiences that are matched to their levels. This Spotlight consists of learning modules provide teachers with formative assessment tools to do this work. 


Formative Assessment In Action

This Spotlight provides resources about the formative assessment process, including one-page excerpts highlighting key ideas in formative assessment, classroom videos that showcase formative assessment in action, and opportunities to deepen learning about formative assessment.


Setting the Stage for Formative Assessment Webinar

This Spotlight provides a series of webinars designed to support high quality formative assessment at the state, district, school, and classroom levels.

From the Resource Library

Attributes of Effective Formative Assessment 

From the resource: "This document presents the definition of formative assessment and identifies and explains the five attributes of effective formative assessment."


Coherence: Key to Next Generation Assessment Success

This Assessment and Accountability Comprehensive Center (AACC) policy brief explains the significance of a coherent multi-assessment system and describes key considerations in developing such a system.


Distinguishing Formative Assessment from Other Educational Assessment Labels 

From the publisher: "In this document, the FAST SCASS (Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers - State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards) aims to clarify the meaning and uses of the types of assessment most frequently used in education."


Formative Assessment: Examples of Practice

To help educators better understand formative assessment, this paper provides examples and counter-examples of formative assessment in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.