Part IV: Reflecting on Assessment Design

The final module focuses on the act of reflecting on assessment design. It provides a checklist that you can use to determine if an assessment appropriately addresses the five elements of assessment design.

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13. Reflecting on Assessment Design

You have invested a lot of time in mastering the skills of assessment design. You have learned about the purposes of assessment, five elements of assessment design, the three different types of assessment items and portfolio assessments. You’ve learned how to use an assessment blueprint to help you design assessments.

In this final module we focus on a tool that you can use to evaluate an assessment you have written or selected. We simply call it the “Assessment Checklist.” It focuses you on the five elements of assessment design, which help you design classroom assessments that have an appropriate level of validity and reliability.

By the end of this module, you should be able to use the Assessment Checklist to help you determine whether an assessment you design appropriately addresses the five elements of assessment design featured in this series of modules.


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Congratulations are in order! You have officially completed all 13 modules in the Assessment Design Toolkit and mastered most, if not all, of its content. Your hard work has paid off, and you should feel even better prepared than ever to write and select assessments that measure the knowledge and skills you want them to measure. Your students will benefit greatly from your hard work and assessment expertise. Good luck as you continue your career as a teacher. Among the many complex skills you will demonstrate in every unit of instruction, count among them the capacity to write and select well-designed assessments.