Resources for Implementing Standards-Based Instruction and Assessment

The four collections featured in this spotlight are designed to support the implementation of standards-based instruction and assessment. Each collection focuses on distinct but complementary considerations that are essential in supporting college and career-ready (CCRS) instruction and assessment practices. Because implementation involves educators working at different levels of the educational system, the resources included in these collections address concerns at the state, district, school, and classroom levels.

About the Resources

About the CCRS

Understand the important shifts in CCRS and share this information with stakeholders

  • CCRS Standards
  • Standards Interpretation
  • Standards Review
  • Communication Strategies 


CCRS Alignment & Evaluation

Determine coherence between the CCRS, curriculum and instruction, and assessments to provide opportunities for student learning

  • Curricular Alignment
  • Instructional Alignment
  • Alignment of Assessment
  • Systems


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Classroom Instruction & Assessment

Effectively align instruction to the CCRS in all content areas

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Instructional Planning
  • Classroom Assessment (formative and summative)


Assessment for Monitoring & Accountability

Work towards the development, evaluation, and use of assessments within a coherent system of assessment

  • Assessment Literacy
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessment Quality