SAIC Grade 5 Item Cluster Prototype

The Science Assessment Item Collaborative (SAIC) Grade 5 Item Cluster Prototype was designed to follow the principles and recommendations set forth in the SAIC Assessment Framework and Item Specifications Guidelines for an NGSS-aligned, large-scale summative assessment item cluster.

We welcome you to experience the item cluster as a student would by interacting with the live items and stimuli. To demo the item cluster, click on the demo button below. The interactive item cluster should be considered in conjunction with the accompanying Grade 5 Item Cluster Prototype PDF, which details the intended interactions, proposed scoring, user interface options, and alignment goals.

The SAIC Item Cluster Prototypes are intended to serve as models for alignment expectations and explore opportunities for new item types and interactions. Both represent an advancement of next generation science assessments. The interactive item cluster was authored in and rendered by the Learnosity platform. To learn more about Learnosity, visit their website and explore live demos of many additional item types.