Setting the Stage for Formative Assessment Webinars

A series of webinars designed to support high quality formative assessment at the state, district, school, and classroom levels. This series is offered through the partnership between the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI), Central Comprehensive Center (C3), and the South Central Comprehensive Center (SC3). The resources on this page contain materials from the webinars.

For more formative assessment resources, please see the the Formative Assessment: State Resources Spotlight.


Webinar 1: The State Educational Agency’s Role

The first in a series, this webinar aims to help participants:

  • Understand how formative assessment fits into a comprehensive assessment system, 
  • Define formative assessment as an instructional practice,
  • Illustrate the formative assessment process as it is implemented during the school year, and
  • Explain how formative assessment is represented in ESSA.


Webinar resources:


Webinar 2: The District’s Role

The second webinar of this series aims to help participants:

  • Understand what formative assessment is, its role in a comprehensive assessment system, and its relationship to student outcomes, 
  • Learn how to develop a vision and long-term plan for formative assessment implementation in your district, and
  • Learn how district leaders can establish the culture, structures, and supports for effective professional learning about formative assessment.


Webinar resources:


Webinar 3: The School's Role

The third webinar of this series aims to help participants:

  • Understand what formative assessment is and
  • Learn how school leaders can support formative assessment.


Webinar resources:

  • Setting the Stage for Formative Assessment: School Level
    • PDF slides (coming soon)
    • Recording (coming soon)
    • Transcript (coming soon)
  • Handouts