State ESSA Communication Tools

Other communication tools used by states to provide ESSA information are featured in this section. Some states have produced and published documents and presentations for stakeholders to provide an overview of ESSA requirements. Many of these state-developed documents provide further information on how ESSA is expected to impact states' accountability systems. Other states have elected to create videos as a tool to share information and answer questions about the law and its impact. Selected examples of states' communication tools are highlighted in this section.


This information is current as of May 2017. 



These documents provide information about ESSA and the changes the law will implement. 

  • California - Letters written to local education agencies to discuss ESSA topics and updates, including guidance on ESSA implementation. 

  • Delaware - Description of ESSA requirements, Delaware’s transition plan, and plans to gather stakeholder feedback to inform state plan. 

  • District of Columbia - Series of materials on ESSA requirements, including webinar recordings. 

  • Florida - Memos have been released to address updates to ESSA and its requirements. 

  • Georgia - This brief examines the impact of ESSA with regards to accountability, assessment, education of the whole child, federal programs, and teacher and leader development. 

  • Hawaii - This factsheet provides a brief overview of ESSA and its impact on different components of the state's education system. 

  • New Hampshire - Overview of ESSA requirements, state plan development, and state's stakeholder engagement strategies. 

  • North Carolina - Documents provide overview of ESSA accountability system requirements, key state decisions, and information on timeline and potential stakeholders.

  • North Dakota - Overview of new ESSA provisions, eliminated provisions, remaining provisions, and changed provisions.

  • North Dakota - Answers to a variety of questions regarding ESSA requirements for accountability and assessment. 

  • Oregon - Documents outline key changes and requirements under ESSA, timeline for state plan development, summary of ESSA key elements, and a brief on highly qualified teachers and educator evaluations. 

  • Rhode Island - Overview of key issues under consideration as the state transitions to ESSA. 

  • Rhode Island - Overview of key questions that will guide the state's development of its ESSA state plan. 

  • Tennessee - Chart compares current Tennessee education policies to ESSA requirements. 

  • Washington - Summaries of ESSA, ranging from high-level to high-detail, are provided. There are also ESSA summaries provided in different languages (Arabic, Korean, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese). 

  • Wyoming - Answers to questions about ESSA requirements and the changes it will implement. 


These presentations were provided to stakeholders to provide further information and context regarding ESSA. Powerpoint versions of these presentations are linked to in this section.  

  • Alaska - Presentation of ESSA requirements and state plan components. 

  • Arizona - Overview of ESSA and its impact on Arizona’s A–F Report Card, including the need to identify new indicators for educational opportunities. 

  • Connecticut - Overview of ESSA written for parents and community members. 

  • Iowa - Slides from presentation on ESSA and stakeholder engagement for state plan development. 

  • Massachusetts - Overview of ESSA, projected timeline for state plan development and implementation, and areas of focus for the State Board of Education. 

  • Missouri - Overview of ESSA, state plan requirements, and the state's timeline for the state plan. 

  • Nevada - Overview of ESSA’s different components and the development of Nevada’s new ESSA state plan. 

  • New York - Overview of ESSA and its requirements.

  • New York - Information on the development of New York's state plan, including guiding principles and next steps. 

  • South Carolina - Slides from the overview webinar have been made available for download. 


Some states have created videos to communicate with stakeholders about ESSA. 

  • Arkansas - Includes videos from the Department of Education Commissioner that provide ESSA information.
  • New Jersey - Overview of ESSA and how New Jersey will implement ESSA-associated changes. 

  • Ohio - The Ohio Department of Education provides links to recordings of webinars presented on different ESSA-related topics. 

  • South Carolina - Video recording of webinar outlining ESSA and its implementation.

  • Vermont - This video provides an ESSA overview and information on state plan development. 

  • Virginia - In this video, Superintendent Staples answers questions related to ESSA and state plan development. 

  • Wisconsin - These videos discuss different aspects of ESSA; an ESSA overview is included in this series.