State ESSA Websites

In this section are links to state pages devoted to ESSA, along with a summary of the information that can be found on each state's page. Each state has included information on ESSA and its stipulations; with some states also linking to resources from the U.S. Department of Education or other external organizations. Some states have also included information on the progress of their ESSA state plan, with some also including a timeline for the plan's development. 

This information is current as of May 2017. 


The Alabama State Department of Education has created this page to share news related to ESSA and Alabama's state consolidated plan. Included on this page are resources that provide information on ESSA requirements and how ESSA compares to NCLB requirements.


This page can be found on Alaska’s Department of Education and Early Development website. Included on this page is a brief overview of ESSA, along with links to additional resources that further describe ESSA and its requirements. Also included are dates and milestones for the transition to ESSA. 


Arizona’s page includes a brief overview of ESSA and links to USED resources and updates. In terms of Arizona’s actions and plans, the site also includes a timeline for the development of a new state plan, along with state plans to collect feedback. 


This page contains plenty of information on how community members can stay informed on ESSA and the state’s changes to its state plan. Stakeholders can sign up for ESSA updates, participate in listed community listening forums, listen to or attend Steering Committee meetings, and submit feedback and questions to the Department of Education. 


On this page, readers can find links to USED communications and proposed regulations regarding ESSA. California has also included presentations and communications about ESSA delivered to local education agencies. This page also includes an overview of California’s transition plan to ESSA implementation. 


Colorado has created a Hub Committee to develop an ESSA state plan and accompanying stakeholder engagement work. Notes and materials from the different subcommittees can also be found on this page. Links to ESSA communications and resources are also included. 


On this page, Connecticut has included PDF summaries of ESSA’s key provisions, as well as ESSA communications from USED. Also included are Connecticut Department of Education news releases related to ESSA. An ESSA overview aimed at parents and community members is included on this page. 


The focus of this page is on the state’s transition plan and timeline. The page includes how plans for engaging stakeholders, but does not include concrete dates for meetings.  

 District of Columbia  

This page outlines the education system changes that ESSA will necessitate and the decisions that will need to be made regarding selection of indicators. As part of this discussion, links to some of the ESSA discussions held by the State Board of Education have been included on this page. 


Florida’s page includes links to USED and department-created memos and notices for ESSA updates. In summer 2016, the Florida Department of Education held a public input period and has since summarized comments. Links to these comments can be found on this page. 


Georgia provides a brief overview of its timeline for developing and implementing its state plan. Dates for public hearings are also listed on this page.  


Hawaii also presents an overview of ESSA and its impact on Hawaii’s educational system, but in a Frequently Asked Questions format. In regards to next steps, the page also includes a timeline for development of a draft state plan.


This page presents the different components of the ESSA state plan and the workgroups created to address each component. The page also contains a link to the most recent Progress Report, which describes the most recent Department of Education and State Board of Education actions related to ESSA.  


An executive summary and more detailed review of ESSA are presented on this page. For additional information, a Frequently Asked Questions document and powerpoints are included for stakeholders. A draft state plan is also presented for stakeholders to review and send feedback to the Illinois State Board of Education.


This page presents a brief overview of ESSA and its required state plan components, and the Indiana Department of Education’s plan for meeting ESSA requirements. On this page, the public can provide ESSA plan recommendations to the Indiana Department of Education. 


An overview of ESSA and its requirements are provided, alongside USED- and Iowa Department of Education-developed ESSA resources and press releases. This page also provides information on Iowa’s transition plan for the 2016–17 school year.  


Kansas’s page provides links to ESSA text and USED’s Frequently Asked Questions document concerning ESSA. An email address for questions about ESSA is also included. 


The page provides links to ESSA text and proposed regulations for assessment, state plans, data reporting, and accountability. Information is also provided on the steering committee and work groups that are collaborating on the development of the accountability system plan. 


Updates on Louisiana state plan progress are provided in the form of a timeline and a draft framework. For stakeholders, the Department of Education has created a summary of the feedback received at stakeholder meetings and how this feedback relates to the state plan. 


For information on ESSA, the page links to USED and CCSSO information on the law. Stakeholders are invited to provide comments and feedback on different aspects of ESSA (assessment, accountability, English language learners, school improvement, federal funding, and teacher and leader quality). 


Links to ESSA text and non-regulatory guidance are provided on this page. In terms of stakeholder feedback, the page also includes summaries of feedback from stakeholder meetings and external committee meetings, in addition to dates for future stakeholder committee meetings. 


An overview of ESSA and its authorized programs is provided. Massachusetts also provides information on the state’s transition to ESSA. Interested stakeholders can provide feedback on ESSA by participating in community forums, to be held in November and December 2016. 


Michigan arranges presented information by: state plan development, ESSA notes, opportunities for involvement, and resources from USED and CCSSO. State plan development provides updates from the Department of Education and the State Board of Education on the progression of the state plan. These updates are summarized in the ESSA notes in the form of newsletters. 


This page links to resources that provide a broad overview of ESSA and its stipulations. For resources that can be disseminated and shared with stakeholders, the page also includes links to resources that provide brief descriptions, with some produced in different languages.   


Mississippi presents ESSA information as it relates to Mississippi’s state plan, broken up into the following categories: accountability and reporting, public reporting, assessments, English language learners, school improvement supports, federal funding streams, and teacher and leader quality. 


On this page, information on Missouri's ESSA consolidated state plan can be found. This includes a presentation on ESSA given to the State Board of Education. A link to feedback collected at regional meeting can also be found on this page.


The page provides an overview of ESSA and the principles guiding Montana’s development of a state plan. Links are provided to USED resources for ESSA. 


There is scant information on this page. The page does include a link to non-regulatory guidance regarding English learners and Title III.


This link provides information on the state’s ESSA Advisory Group, including minutes and materials from the group’s prior meetings. 

 New Hampshire 

Summaries of ESSA created by the New Hampshire Department of Education, CCSSO, and National PTA are presented for information on ESSA. The page also contains information on the advisory teams created to address accountability, comprehensive school support and improvement, educator equity and support, English learners, funding streams, and early childhood. 

 New Jersey  

New Jersey’s site presents an overview presentation of ESSA and its stipulations. The page also provides links to other resources on ESSA and the state’s ESSA timeline. Links are also provided for more information on listening sessions and stakeholders who will provide input on the development of the state’s ESSA plan.

 New Mexico  

A brief overview of ESSA is provided, along with further details about the state’s stakeholder engagement. Further updates from the department will be provided here. 

 New York  

The state’s page provides links to resources on ESSA, including state-delivered webinars. Links are also provided to ESSA resources created by the Board of Regents and the New York State Education Department. 

 North Carolina  

Updates regarding public comment sessions and the status of the state’s ESSA plan are presented here. North Carolina also provides links to ESSA text. 

 North Dakota  

The page provides a brief description of ESSA and links to other resources and presentations on ESSA. Also included is a link for information on the state’s ESSA Planning Committee. 


Ohio’s page presents recordings of all the ESSA-related webinars that have been held, in addition to resources that provide additional information on ESSA. Ohio held stakeholder meetings to discuss ESSA; these dates can be found on this page. 


On this page, stakeholders can respond to a survey to provide feedback for the development of Oklahoma’s ESSA state plan. The page also includes a timeline for ESSA plan development. ESSA resources can also be found on this page. 


Oregon’s page presents information on how the state will create its ESSA state plan and the principles guiding this work. Links are provided for information on the state’s work groups and advisory committee, in addition to ESSA resources. 


Pennsylvania outlines its plans to work with CCSSO and obtain stakeholder input in the development of its ESSA state plan. Work Groups have been created to focus on assessment, accountability, educator certification, and educator evaluation in the new plan. Documents related to these Work Groups are also posted here. 

 Puerto Rico 

Included on this page are documents and resources related to ESSA, ESSA-related updates from Puerto Rico, and an implementation timelines for ESSA in Puerto Rico. 

 Rhode Island 

In addition to ESSA information and resources, Rhode Island presents information on the Committee of Practitioners that will support development of the ESSA state plan. Dates for community forums can also be found here. 

 South Carolina 

On this page, South Carolina has provided an overview of its draft ESSA state plan, along with a link for individuals to provide feedback on the plan. 

 South Dakota   

South Dakota provides links to ESSA resources, proposed rules, and South Dakota’s comments on those proposed rules. Information on the composition of their ESSA Work Groups (for Accountability, School Improvement, Educator Effectiveness, and English Language Learners) can also be found here. 


An overview of the state’s ESSA plan timeline and a link to status reports on plan development are located on this page. Other ESSA-related news and releases from the Department of Education are also linked.    


A brief overview of ESSA and the state’s implementation timeline is included on this page. There is also a link to the U.S. Department of Education’s information on ESSA. 


This page provides contact information for the different workgroups that have been created to create the state’s ESSA state plan. People interested in participating in these workgroups can sign up on this page. 


Vermont’s page provides an overview of ESSA and link to the act’s text. The page also presents information on the decision points that will be discussed by the Agency of Education and Vermont public in crafting the state’s ESSA plan. 


In addition to ESSA information, this page provides information on how ESSA differs from NCLB stipulations. Related to Virginia’s ESSA implementation, the page provides communications related to the transition, a timeline for state plan development, and information on the members of the state’s State Plan Steering Committee. 


Information on the teams and workgroups working on the development of the state’s ESSA plan can be found, alongside an organizational chart and draft timeline for plan development. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction also provides information on the state’s transition plan, outlining how Washington will sanction and support districts that did not meet AYP in 2015–16. 

 West Virginia

West Virginia provides ESSA information and an overview of the ESSA state plan’s components. Interested individuals can sign up to be a West Virginia ESSA Stakeholder; stakeholders will receive notices of updates and be included in input surveys. 


On this page are links to ESSA text and updates regarding ESSA implementation. A timeline of Wisconsin’s ESSA planning is included on this page, in addition to information on the state’s listening sessions. 


Wyoming’s page provides information on ESSA, including documents for frequently asked questions. For stakeholder involvement, the page has dates for a statewide listening tour. Stakeholders can also take a survey to provide input on the state’s accountability model.