Spotlights feature CSAI-developed content, addressing a specific need or issue that can be broadly applied to states, districts, and schools. The resources and information presented in the Spotlights are accompanied by additional contextual information and include a deeper examination of the need or issue.

As the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is implemented across the country, stakeholders and community members have sought to understand the law’s details and how ESSA will change states’ education systems. As a result of changes in accountability indicator requirements, states are re-evaluating their accountability systems and assessing whether or not changes are needed to meet ESSA requirements. Considering the magnitude of some of these changes, states must communicate the law and its associated changes to the public in a way that enables all stakeholders’ understanding.
Student Support Guide
The goal of close reading is to enable students to deeply engage with high-quality, challenging texts so that they will achieve key goals of College and Career Ready Standards by being able to read, comprehend, and evaluate increasingly complex text independently. This Spotlight centers on the CSAI produced resource, Supporting Students in Close Reading. It also includes examples, multi-media tools, and further reading on the subject of close reading.
The Formative Assessment in Action Spotlight aims to provide educators with resources that support learning about the formative assessment process. The spotlight includes one-page excerpts highlighting key ideas in formative assessment, classroom videos that showcase formative assessment in action, and opportunities to deepen learning about formative assessment.
The four collections featured in this spotlight are designed to support the implementation of standards-based instruction and assessment. Each collection focuses on distinct but complementary considerations that are essential in supporting college and career-ready (CCRS) instruction and assessment practices. Because implementation involves educators working at different levels of the educational system, the resources included in these collections address concerns at the state, district, school, and classroom levels.
To support American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) students, CSAI has produced documents that outline strategies for states, districts, and schools to potentially utilize. These documents outline issues and barriers that have adversely impacted AI/AN students' learning outcomes, and strategies that address these issues. 
In this webinar from September 16, 2015, CSAI's Joan Herman and Margaret Heritage were joined by Angela Landrum from the Colorado Department of Education to discuss the role a coherent assessment system can play in providing immediate data on how students are doing and critical information that can be used to support student achievement of college- and career-ready standards.
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Results from pilot/field tests and early implementers have shown significant drops in student scores across grade levels and subjects. During this June 25, 2015 webinar for the Regional Comprehensive Centers, CSAI discussed some of the reasons for these decreases and how the Comprehensive Center network could best support our state education agencies in effectively communicating these shifts.
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Educational achievement is a pressing issue today for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) students. National and state assessment results show that AI/AN youth underperform compared to their peers in other groups. Across the board, AI/AN students graduate from high school at a lower rate and drop out of school at a higher rate. The animation and resources in this section discuss in detail the AI/AN achievement gap.
CSAI held its annual conference on December 10–11, 2015 at WestEd's San Francisco office. During this one-and-a-half day conference, CSAI staff and attendees discussed states' needs regarding instruction, assessment, accountability, and communication following the 2014–15 assessments. Sessions focused on providing support for regional and content centers, and the states and regions they support, in the midst of policy and system changes.
Notes from the Field
Notes from the Field feature updates about assessment, standards, and accountability implementation from the field of K–12 education. These short posts are reflections of what CSAI staff have observed or encountered in their work with states and educators. Recent Post: Collaborative Expertise - Sandy Chang - 10/24/2016